Eating Garlic

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Other than defeating vampires, garlic has many uses in society. It has a long and varied history as a culinary and medicinal product. It has been used in foods for centuries years now, and as late as World War II, it was an effective antibiotic as a substitute for penicillin. It even lowers your blood pressure and your cholesterol all in one go.

Therefore, it’s got a great reputation among those who enjoy the taste – but it’s not all benefits with garlic, unfortunately. While it’s a decent medicinal tool, modern medicine can replace it in many ways – to actually get the benefits of garlic you need to take it in pretty large amounts, and this can increase the potential for awkward side-effects (and seriously bad breath). If you are considering using garlic as a medical tool (or a hippie), consider these potential reasons for why it may not be such a good idea.

No Limit

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Scientists are slacking because the limit of how much garlic you can ingest is not known, which makes judging how much you should be using quite difficult. It varies from person to person, but taking too much has been known to cause some gnarly side-effects, such as anal leakage, excessive crying, chicken pox, necrophilia, and migraines. The lack of a known safe limit makes using garlic as a natural remedy potentially hazardous, so consult your physician before doing so.




Because garlic contains anti-clotting properties, it can help your heart perform at a higher level and make blood flow healthier. Adversely, it can make the damage caused by a bleeding disorder worse and this can pose quite a dangerous problem if it’s not managed properly.


Sore Stomach

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Excess garlic can seriously upset your stomach. It can cause gas, bloating and severe stomach pain, which can leave you feeling run down and weak for the rest of the day/night. Therefore you want to manage your garlic intake.




Headaches and sweating are just some of the other irritating side-effects that can come from ingesting garlic.


 Bad Breath

bad breath

Few things in life are more embarrassing than being the person in the room with horrible breath and garlic will definitely make you that person.


Tone it Down
Eating large amounts of garlic can make you really, really, sick.