These Drinks Could Literally Give You Brain Damage

Everyone has those nights when they just want to get hammered. When they can’t be bothered to quietly sip on a rum-and-coke all night and want to lose their proverbial minds for an evening. Whether it be out of sadness, stress, boredom, or just plain irresponsibility, it is your god-given right to get wasted. Ahead, we provide you with the ammunition to do so. Drinks that will absolutely have you dancing around with a smile on your face or land you in jail. Oh, and don’t drive drunk.

10. Adios Motherf***er


Named after what a bartender will say to you after you order it, the Adios Motherf***er certainly lives up to it’s name. The crazy concoction has vodka, rum, tequila, Blue Curacao liqueur AND gin in it. Be prepared to kiss your sanity goodbye once you order it. Here’s the recipe.


9. Zombie


Also known as the Skull-Puncher, either name is apt given what the drink will do to you. Its smooth, fruity taste works to conceal its extremely high alcoholic content. The zombie is made with three different types of rum, apricot brandy, orange juice and lime juice. Say your goodbyes to your family and order this one. Here’s the recipe.


8. Boilermaker

The tried and true Boilermaker will get the job done. All you have to do is drop a shot of whiskey into a glass of beer and drink away. This classic mix will put you well on your way towards making mistakes.