Do Aliens Walk Among Us?

UFO’s  (unidentified flying objects) have been around the earth since the bible. Many documentarians have dedicated their entire lives to searching for that big truth. Many devotees of such phenomenon have died trying to prove their point.

Did you know that UFO is a term coined by the United States Armed Forces to identify any unfamiliar aircrafts flying around their perimeter?

Let’s look at some great sightings. Do you believe? Mulder and Scully sure did.

1. Manchester, England (2012)

You may think this is a balloon or some sort of advertising technique but no message, no strings attached to it. In shiny colors too.

2. Battle of Los Angeles (1942)

While WWII was still soaking up the media at the time, this didn’t quite make it to the headlines. Fighter planes even shot the UFO. Imagine how serious this was when the military had to intervene.


  1. nice one thanks for share

  2. Marie says:

    Outside Earth, people are also Aliens to another Planet