How Dangerous is the New Fungus Recently Found in the U.S.?


With all the new diseases making headlines these days no one can really blame you for becoming a bit of a hypochondriac. Being neurotic and overly anxious about our health is in no way recommended but are we in any real danger?  Cases of an un common fungus are on the rise and are getting the CDC’s attention after 4 of the first 7 patients diagnosed with this infection have died. 3)


Approximately 5 months ago the CDC started tracking cases of this very dangerous fungal infection of the Candida genus, 13 cases have been identified so far and healthcare providers have been notified of the importance of detecting and reporting all possible cases. Click here to see map of reported cases in detail.

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  1. helen says:

    Do I smell a buildup to yet another vaccine? Is this true or more propaganda to make people ready to accept a new, useless, disease-causing, toxic vaccine?