Is it Safe or Dangerous for Women to Vacation Alone?


There’s nothing better than getting away for a vacation to an exotic land, but there’s also nothing worse than getting raped by 4 heavy-set guys.

Sadly, we still much too often come across news stories of innocent tourists being robbed, beaten or worst. This problem is statistically compounded when it comes to women.

Women are more susceptible to crime in foreign lands (Millennial women especially are more likely to travel to remote locations alone). We’d like to take a look at this terrible issue and on the way give you some handy safety tips to serve you on your travels.


  1. We’d all love to live in an ideal world that everyone, male or female, can travel to exotic destinations and have dreamy holidays. Unfortunately examples show that this is not possible most of the times…! Human vultures are ready to rob you, hit you, rape you and even kill you. It’s happened before and it will go on happening as long as there’s such easy prey around. Be over careful about the places you travel, where you stay, avoid going alone to unknown places or with people you just met. Try to have full control over yourself, no matter where you are, don’t carry all your money with you, it’s better to leave it at the hotel and carry what you need at a time only..! There are many things one could say about this subject, above all be alerted and suspicious of people or situations you don’t know…for your own good !…..

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  3. Enjoy vacation with partner on the beach

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    l lost some money that a lie

  5. It is not safe.Human vultures are always ready to attack.

  6. Women can vacation alone thank you…men can stop raping them…

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      …and that make NOW a peaceful world! Thank you @riyasharmaviews

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        Yes,in your dreams