Is Walmart Safe or Dangerous?


Ah, Walmart, ground zero of the American experience. It is a global behemoth that apart from being worth billions upon billions of dollars, serves as a benefactor for the people of the United States.

It provides us with the things we need, such as; Finding Nemo themed shower curtains, luxurious luggage, fun-sized candy bars of all sorts, inflatable beds, and toaster ovens that double as actual toasters, just to name a few. It provides us with these everyday essentials at prices we can all afford, all while making huge profits, making it the quintessential American business.

In Walmart shoppers, you will find perfect examples of all that America has to offer. Such as:


Sure, this lady could walk, but she decides to be at the forefront of fashion and luxury while riding a motorized travel scooter and rocking a goatee.

Let’s delight our senses and brighten our day by looking through the most distinguished Walmart shoppers.