Is it Dangerous to Drink Too Much Coffee?

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A majority of Americans feel that they just can’t start their day in the morning without a cup (or pot) of coffee. The question is though, how much coffee is too much?  Are too many cups in a day bad for you?

This issue is near and dear to many people.

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The good news is, a few cups a day is not at all harmful to you. On the other hand, ten or fifteen cups is a bit extreme and taking even a relatively harmless habit to extremes can have side effects. How do you know if you’re drinking too many cups of joe? This is when it becomes vital to listen to what your body tells you. You must have an awareness of the withdrawal symptoms you might go through as you try to control and reduce your caffeine intake.


How Coffee Impacts Your Body

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It has long been known that caffeine is a diuretic substance that will stimulate your central nervous system. When putting it into your body in liquid form, like coffee, it is absorbed and makes its way straight to the brain. No matter how many cups you drink, it isn’t stored, it is utilized within hours.



If you have ever experienced a migraine you know that caffeine is one of the elements that have been utilized to reduce their frequency and eliminate them as they occur. It has almost always been used to boost energy, make you less drowsy and less fatigued. A misconception about this drink is that it will sober up someone who is intoxicated, it may make them more alert, but they are still impaired.

Coffee Side Effects


If you are in the habit of drinking eight or more 8 oz. cups of coffee during each day, then you will probably have some negative side effects.  Caffeine can dehydrate you, make you very shaky and increase your heartbeat among other things.


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With coffee, as with so many things, moderation is key. Mild to moderate coffee use has been studied for its correlation to heart and reproductive problems along with myriad other issues, no ill effects were found. However, when you already have a heart condition or are pregnant, your doctor or dietitian may recommend that you severely limit or eliminate coffee from your diet. Caffeine can be contraindicated with some medicines, check with your doctor before taking anything new.

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Reducing caffeine intake is best done incrementally, caffeine withdrawal can have its own problems. With less coffee you may experience headaches, drowsiness and may find yourself irritable. Slowly reduce your daily amount to negate the effects.


Easy on the Joe
Overdoing coffee can make you a scattered mess.