12 Netflix Documentaries That Can Save your life.


We all know that every night you come home from working all day and the commute back home can be exhausting, but don’t fret because you have Netflix. Netflix can be your safe place and in this case, it surely can guide you to stay safe or at least be aware.

Most documentaries feed off from global issues in every aspect of the word and most of them guide us through some situations which we were not aware of in a traditional manner or in a playful way that’ll stick to you like glue.

Now, let’s start with a few recommendations for your self inflicted seclusion from the outside world.

1. The Hunting Ground (2015)


The world has never been a safe place for women but we think that in such an educational environment things would go perfectly, well think again. “…But two of us were sexually assaulted before classes had even started”, stated Annie E. Clark in the very beginning of this documentary. The film itself is a statement, a call to all institutions to fight against rape adequately. Director Kirby Dick follows the journey of two former students who dedicated their time in and outside of school to use the law (Title IX) in their favor to try to end this rape crisis.