Will Owning a Gun Make You Safer?

A gun has always been a symbol of security. A way to make you feel superior than the rest. Its force has been projected positively more than anything else through films and ads.


Mostly white north Americans purchase a gun or various guns with no reason other than they just want to feel safe although most people around them feel that their lives are in danger?
We have heard hundreds if not thousands of stories about leaving a gun unattended resulting in the death of children. What I do know is that guns are not a joke. They are harmful and as time goes by we hear more and more stories of people purchasing guns online, in their nearest stores and going on killing sprees.

Guns may be a major center focus in senate for years. A few days ago, senator Murphy from Connecticut stood for 15 hours fighting against gun rights for Sandy Hook Elementary School, Pulse and many other horrific events led by an unstable person in possession of a gun. The Second Amendment may be one of the most controversial right in the Bill of Rights. Many presidents in the past have come to acknowledge this amendment as a hunting rights and many to acknowledge it as a way of protecting their homes, children and family from crooks.

Now let’s check the advantages, disadvantages and solutions for reducing crime in the United States:


  1. Anonymous says:

    i feel that the us must tighten the gun control and take all the guns

  2. Anonymous says:

    Control freaks will never get it. The 2nd Amendment and common sense aside, no law will ever keep guns – or other weapons – from criminals or crazies. It only disarms lawful citizens.