Is Being a Teen Heartthrob Safe or Dangerous

Youth, arguably, the best of times, especially as far as looks go. Let’s face it, most babies are cute just as most old people are ugly, it’s just life.
People in general, especially women, tend to look way more attractive when they are young (with rare exceptions). So it comes as no shock to see why attractive artists in their teens can generate sheer pandemonium in crowds of the opposite s*x.

Yet, if your stardom is based mostly on your youthful charm and good looks, chances are that once these attributes fade, so will your cash flow.
Let’s look at just a few famous teen celebs that broke many hearts and now are just broke.

Tara Reid

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This former American Pie franchise star, captivated audiences with her natural, innocent look. She used this look to fuel both her very profitable acting and modeling career. Then, disproportionate amounts of parties, drugs and really bad surgery came in, now all that less left is a carcass of what once used to be and no longer is.

Her current net worth, much like her looks has dwindled to a measly 1.5MM.