Pictures That Got Banned By Snapchat

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If you are over 25 you probably have no idea what snapchat is. Don’t worry gramps, we got your back.

Snapchat is to one of the trendiest ways to quickly interact with friends using your smartphone.

It’s an app that can be used for chatting, sending pics, vids and caps. It’s like texting with pictures or videos.

One of the most unique things about Snapchat is the “self-destructing” feature for photos a few seconds after photos have been viewed. This makes it great for “private” pictures, as in; you can send pics of your Johnson to your crush and if she isn’t pleased with its size, no one will ever know just how small it was.

All jokes aside, this novel social media tool, like twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. is heavily used by celebrities and has made celebrities out of “regular people.”

Celebs, love to interact with their fans in the most candid way possible (through images and videos) so it’s natural to assume, they would take off their clothes and be all s*xy all the time in front of the camera.

So here it goes, the s*xiest celebrities snap chats are:

Kylie Jenner

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Snapchat ID: Kylizzlemynizzl

The reality television personality, socialite and model is best known for appearing on television series ”Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” She acts like a queen, but does not have a clue as to what a queen actually is or does. If you are into cosmetics and really superficial stuff, or if you just want to gawk over her slightly better than average body and decent face, give her a snap.


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