Is Aluminium Foil Safe Or Dangerous


Aluminum is ubiquitous, it’s commonly found in foods, drugs, vaccines, cosmetics, personal health products and other goods such as cans, bottles and foil. We use aluminum foil to store and even cook our food. Aluminum is cheap and useful, so what’s the big deal?

Why is safeordangerous taking on something to handy and shiny? I mean have you ever grilled salmon in aluminum foil? Is that not the best way to cook meat in its own juice? Have you ever stored Indian food leftovers in the fridge and covered them with aluminum foil and next day have the fridge NOT smell like curry biryani?

How can anyone assume there can be any safety concerns regarding the use of this common household item?

What possible dangers can arise from using aluminum foil?


  1. mark says:

    Aluminum does not love us. It is an element that doesn’t reproduce like trees etc. Be sure its bad.

  2. Kirit Mehta says:

    Not now a days but since long, Most Health Hazardous is that People, mainly, not Only Street Vendors but Caterers and Hotel Kitchans want Using ALLUMINIUM Utensils to Make Most of the Foods.
    All of them Ingnore Health Hazards of these Utensils as it Saves them Time and Fule. To Hell with Health

  3. koc wu says:

    i was a drug addict for 20 years and smoked heroin on foil , i can t remmeber things very bad and have very bad joints cause alu foil

  4. TheBear says:

    No ill effects yet, but studies seem to be showing a link to osteoporosis and alzheimers by consuming amounts of aluminum over the recommended levels over a LONG period of time. The jury is still out though

  5. Anonymous says:

    ALUMINUM – IT’S EVERYWHERE! Yeah, it’s even in the dirt. One of the most common elements on earth. It’s a wonder life even exists.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It seems everything has its hazards.