Are Vitamin Supplements Safe or Dangerous?

Woman eating pills

Vitamins and minerals are often touted as the cure all and end all in health and fitness. Yet some argue they are useless and even dangerous. With all the contradicting stories been aired left and right, someone has to make sense of all this madness. That is where we come in; it is time for us @ to let you know if vitamin supplements are safe or dangerous?


  1. Macranthunter says:

    All the human body needs and in fact all the human body can process are proteins, calories and the trace vitamins and minerals necessary to continue your ten basic cell processes. Anything beyond that is magical thinking. Your body limits what you can metabolize. The rest you poop. Eat well. Eat just what you need. Exercise. Movement and resistance are what stimulate your body to maintain what it has. The rest is likely genetic.

  2. Anonymous says:

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