Are GMOs Safe or Dangerous?


In a time where the way we communicate is dominated by abbreviations like WTF, DTF, SMH, and a few hundred more, it can be hard to actually pay attention to abbreviations that matter. This brings us to GMOs. An abbreviation we see and hear about every day in the news, in supermarkets, and pretty much everywhere. There is a new debate on the treatment of food for human consumption.

Although they’re in processed food across America, a lot of the food and fruit we eat every day contain many types of GMOs. This has opened a debate within the science and food industries about the labeling of these products, something the FDA doesn’t require for GMOs.


Should we know which foods contain GMOs? Should they be properly labeled? Are they even safe, or are they dangerous?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Russia and most European countries have outlawed this disgusting manipulation. Your corn is being poisoned to kill weeds. Yum. Eat weedkiller and see how you feel.People are sick from this food, oh, and more people are starving than ever. Population control.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Not surprised your anonymous. All of North America should be dead by now if what you say is true. In fact we are just as healthy as Europeans.

      1. yah and there is more tooth decay in the EU because they don’t have fluoride in the water, (meant Sarcastically ), while what you say may seem true, it’s not, there are a lot of things in this world, that are non attributable , they have a devastating affect over long periods of time and may never really show up as the cause, the biggest seller of GMO foods has known since 1953 that their products contributes to cancer and yet the government permits them to spray millions of tons of it on crops, killing of all insects and animals, polluting the soil and air, and don’t want you to have the right not to know what your eating, the problem of our declining health started with fluoride and the TV dinners.

        1. James says:

          You will find George, if you do a little research flouride occurs naturally in pretty much all water supplies. Many countries in Europe have a level in their water supplies that is adequate. Some countries have chosen to discontinue, or not add flouride on this basis, but bans are not common.

          1. hitler used flouride in the water to make the german people docile and malable. the us does the same thing

  2. As far as GMO food plants (corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, apples, tomatoes, potatoes, etc) are concerned, there may not be many pure non-GMO specimens left. Wind and insects carry pollen from openly grown plants for hundreds of miles. Pollen from GMO plants can fertilize blossoms on non-GMO plants making the fruit or seed GMO.

    1. El Bey says:

      Yes it’s called cross pollination